Important Release Notes

This is a pretty large release with many core changes. Please report any bugs on the github issues page if you find them.

Scanning of Disc Games: This is now implemented and working. However, games must be separated into sub-folders (one game disc or discs per folder) otherwise they will be ignored.

Archives with Multiple Roms: This is now handled correctly in MedLaunch, providing the archive is either zip or 7zip - with no sub-folders within the archives and no archives within archives.

Controller Configuration: This was a pain in the backside. It attempts to emulate the way mednafen configures controllers - so xinput controllers (xbox360, xbone) will be detected correctly and everything else will use directinput. All seems to be working so far with my limited test controllers. Keyboard mapping should work correctly. Any bug-spotting would be much appreciated.

Notable Additions

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