Alpha release.

Important Release Notes

This version implements some BIG changes in the way that MedLaunch handles configurations on disk. The 'Base Configuration' filter has been completed removed so that you just have a separate button for each system.

An option has been added to settings (on by default) that saves a system-specific cfg file to the root of the Mednafen directory whenever you launch a game. You can disable this in the settings but there is less chance of a screw-up if you don't. If you are precious about these cfg files (nes.cfg, psx.cfg etc.) then please back them up before you proceed.

You will also notice an amber button on the Configs page called 'IMPORT ALL CONFIGS FROM DISK'. When you click this the following happens:

You are also asked if you want to import all configs every time you choose a new Mednafen directory within MedLaunch.

You can also right-click on a system filter in MedLaunch and choose to import just the system.cfg file from disk for this system (useful if you have made manual changes to a system.cfg file and want to import these changes into MedLaunch without having to import every config, and before it gets overwritten by running a game).

When you launch a game all config options for the selected system are still supplied via the command line (therefore the mednafen-09x.cfg file is updated automatically by Mednafen itself)

Please note: Netplay and Server settings are still independent of system configurations. You can set these up once in MedLaunch and not have to worry.

Finally there is another setting (also on by default) that creates a uniquely named backup of your existing Mednafen-09x.cfg file (in the root of the Mednafen directory) every time you start MedLaunch.

Hopefully these changes will mean that the way MedLaunch handles configurations is more intuitive to the average user, and more functional for those people who want to generate config files through a GUI for use in other Front-Ends/Launchers.

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