A Windows Front-End for Mednafen

MedLaunch is a .NET (Windows only) front-end for the excellent Mednafen multi-system emulator.

Production Releases

Official production releases happen when the team are happy after testing. The frequency of these releases has decreased over time, so users should look to the dev builds to get new features and compatibility early.

Development Release

A rolling development version of MedLaunch is now automatically built and released everytime a change is pushed to the dev branch on GitHub.

The development releases should usually be stable, but it is advisable to backup your MedLaunch directory before upgrading.

Note: Development builds do NOT currently appear within GitHub releases and are NOT available through the MedLaunch internal updater.




You can always get the latest release build of MedLaunch on the GitHub Releases page. I am actively working on code in the Dev Branch and you can see the active changes for the next release on the ChangeLog. These pre-release changes will be released when I am happy with them, so please do not ask for builds ahead of the official releases. You can of course get yourself a copy of Visual Studio Community installed and build it yourself from the dev branch.

You can download the latest version of Mednafen from the Mednafen website.

New Install


Preferred Method:
Manual Method:


Check out the Releases page or the project on GitHub.

Build From Source

The project has been built using Visual Studio Community 2015. It may or may not work with previous versions.

Please consider donating to the MedLaunch project using one of the methods below. This will continue to ensure we can keep our servers running and spend more time developing a frontend for the best emulator out there!